What we do

As a leading, independently-owned financial services firm, we offer unprecedented variety — not least because we’re home to an accountancy practice, an investment management arm and a private bank. It’s our breadth of services that makes us unique in the industry. We work with a broad range of clients too — start-ups, multinationals, high-net-worth individuals, professional practices and non-profit organisations.

We act as a trusted advisor, getting to know our clients and understanding their financial requirements and aspirations, so we can help them to anticipate the future challenges they may face. This enables us to offer them imaginative, yet pragmatic advice and solutions that are tailored for their individual needs.

Our history

Founded in Glasgow in 1881, Smith & Williamson has been managing the financial affairs of private clients and their business interests for over a century. Over the years, we’ve grown to offer a full and innovative range of services. We merged with NCL (Securities) and incorporated Cunningham Coates in 2002, which is now our Belfast office, specialising in investment services for private individuals, pensions, charities and institutions. This was followed by another merger with Solomon Hare in 2005, our Bristol office providing a wide range of accounting and financial advisory services.

These mergers, along with the 2014 acquisition of a private tax team based in Cheltenham, specialising in tax for internationally mobile individuals, have contributed to our growth and success. Today we’re one of the 10 largest accounting firms in the UK.

Our network

We have 12 offices around the UK, Ireland and Jersey, and we’re part of many global networks. For instance, we’re a member of Nexia International, a top 10 global network of independent accounting and consulting firms. This means we’re well-connected to thousands of colleagues around the world, exchanging knowledge and professional expertise daily. What that means for you is unlimited resources, a huge diversity of projects working with international clients, and several opportunities to study for your professional qualifications whilst representing us abroad.

Your career

A career with Smith & Williamson can offer you much more responsibility than you might expect. From day one, you’ll be working on real projects and liaising with our clients from the start — it’s our approach to clients that makes this a more fulfilling place to work. We pride ourselves on our ability to build meaningful, long-lasting relationships with them. We also believe that work is about being part of a community of people who make every day exciting and who you’ll love working with. So, if you’re looking to get more out of your future, we think you’ll love life with Smith & Williamson.